Meet Our Founder: A Brief Profile of Mr. Ayodeji Olujoye

Ayodeji Olujoye is the founder and creative director of AY Stitches, a renowned tailoring and fashion design company with a fast-growing clothing line that serves an elite clientele across all walks of life.

A subsidiary of AY Stitches Investment Limited, AY Stitches Ventures has raised the standards of excellence and professionalism in the Nigerian fashion industry while staying ahead of the trends by deploying cutting-edge technology and a relentless commitment to continuous improvement.

Mr. Ayodeji Olujoye

The creative entrepreneur’s expertise transcends styles and trends, extending into every sector of the fashion industry from conceptualization to design, tailoring, finishing, training, marketing, and business development.

With over two decades of investment in building a strong business and world-class brand, Ayodeji Olujoye has grown AY Stitches into a colossus on the fashion and entertainment landscape not only in Nigeria but also across Africa, with significant penetration in the United States, United Kingdom, and parts of Europe.

The brand’s burgeoning influence has made it the preferred brand among all kinds of fashion connoisseurs ranging from celebrities to corporate professionals, clergymen, creatives, and captains of industry.

In addition to numerous landmark projects delivered to individual and corporate clients across Nigeria and other countries, AY Stitches was the official sponsor of The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (2018/2019) and the official designer of Big Brother Naija in 2020/2021.

At AY Stitches, Ayodeji leads a team of fashion experts across a broad range of experience and expertise to consistently deliver an eclectic experience to a growing community of distinguished clients who have come to appreciate the company’s commitment to timely delivery and high standards of professionalism.

Wouldn’t you rather join our growing community? We look forward to providing you with a uniquely personalized and memorable experience that is difficult to replicate anywhere else.

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