Ayodeji Olujoye

Founder & Director

AY Stitches Ventures is an indigenous fashion design and tailoring company located in Lagos, Nigeria.

From our humble beginnings in 1997, the company has grown to become a household name among fashion connoisseurs in Nigeria where we serve an elite clientele from all walks of life.

We have also leveraged technology to create an international brand that is poised to gain global recognition as we serve clients in Ghana and other countries in Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe.

We are focused on offering top-notch services to our growing clientele while retaining our place as the most preferred fashion design and tailoring company in Nigeria.​
Our Work

We believe in professionalism, excellent service delivery and good product packaging as guaranteed recipe for customer satisfaction.

This mindset undergirds our work as we make and supply traditional attires, corporate outfits, industrial wears, customised uniforms, and casuals. We also train tailors and fashion designers.



"Thank you for the uniforms. The material selection is spot on. and the quality of workmanship is impeccable."
Head of School
"I got my first set of work outfits from AY Stitches a few years ago and they still look great! The tailoring is perfect."
Corporate Professional
"AY Stitches has never disappointed. We always get the best quality, tailored to our needs and delivered on time."
Pan-African Troupe
"Whether I need custom outfits or just want to buy something off the shelf, they never let me down."
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